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Retirement Planning

Corporate Retirement Plans


Ignyte has the expertise to serve your company in a third-party capacity, responsible for plan operation and selection of investment options available to your employees, as well as guidance for managing your fiduciary obligations and maintaining compliance with ERISA regulations, (Employee Retirement Security Act.) Our comprehensive approach to corporate plan design is focused on two essential goals; providing employees with the tools for establishing a secure retirement, and protecting the employer against risk.


We believe education is the key component to the financial wellness of your employees, and we have access to multiple educational resources from leading retirement planning services. This focus on education extends to you, the plan sponsor, helping you understand the complexities of retirement plan management and providing recommendations on operational issues.


There is no “one size fits all” in designing a corporate retirement plan, just as there is no one fee structure. We offer flexible pricing, enabling you to select the most appropriate solution for your company - from turnkey operation to itemized services. Our fees are benchmarked to your defined metrics and we regularly compare our fees to stay competitive within the industry. This is combined with ongoing investment analysis to help ensure our clients receive fair value for their sponsored plans.


Regardless of the plan your company selects, our advisory services are available to assist in all aspects of plan management, from administration to compliance and IRS filings. We offer unbiased, third-party assessments of your plan’s structure, governance and performance.

Retirement Planning for Business Owners


The Savings Incentive Match Plan (Simple IRA) is the perfect match for businesses with fewer than 100 employees, because it involves both in a shared plan for success. Employer and employee make contributions and receive tax advantages to their mutual benefit. Especially if you have long-term employees, it’s an excellent way to reward their loyalty and promote retention.


The Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP IRA), is another avenue for small business owners to benefit from tax-deductible contributions and prepare their employees for retirement. Fully funded by the employer, the advantage here is simplicity, requiring minimal time for set up and maintenance, and flexible funding, enabling you to adjust contributions with your annual cash flows.


This option offers sole proprietors the largest pre-tax contribution and may significantly reduce your annual income taxes by deducting most or all of your plan contributions. Contributions can be gradually increased over time as your business grows, up to annual allowable limits. And you can contribute as both the employer and the employee, with catch-up contributions for sole owners over age 50.


The basic advantage of any IRA is the tax benefit. Which work best for you? As you approach retirement, consult with your Ignyte advisor about the demonstrated methods for avoiding penalties and minimizing taxes on the funds you withdraw, so you have more money to enjoy for the life you’ve made.

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