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Insurance Planning

We take care of the details in your plan, so you can take care of the details in your life.

Our Approach

Insurance is always personal, because it’s all about preparing you for what happens in a life you’ve worked to achieve and want to protect. As a comprehensive service provider, we are your resource for the insurance coverage you need to complement your financial security.

Our Services


Life insurance is both a safeguard and an asset. The safeguard aspect is obvious - protecting your family, your wealth and your legacy. But because life insurance is a necessary expense, it’s not necessarily seen as an asset. At Ignyte, life insurance is an essential element in a thoughtful investment strategy, and our insurance professionals apply their knowledge and resources in selecting coverage which adds value to the life you live, now.


While all are uncomfortable prospects for our clients, acting in your interest means planning for the unexpected. Policies for long-term care, disability and critical illness are assets for ensuring you receive the healthcare and health services you may need, while helping to maintain your financial standing. Your Ignyte advisor will review the benefits each type of policy has to offer and present an array of affordable coverage options. It’s a conversation we think you’ll find quite comforting.


Your business is the practical application of your vision, the realization of what you’ve always dreamed of doing with your life. That’s where your focus is. Ours is on how to most appropriately protect your vision against potential financial and legal liability. Our solutions are as individual as you are, designed for the specific needs of the business you’re in, whether you work as a sole-proprietor or manage employees, manufacture a product or provide a service.


Talent is an an irreplaceable competitive edge. We understand the value an executive benefits package can have for your business, and can offer a series of robust incentives appealing to the leadership talent you’re looking to attract.

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